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  • Have a list of meal ideas and recipes to help conserve some mental energy.
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Abbey Williams, MSW, LSW

Abbey is a behavioral health therapist, Founder of You, The Mother, Coach, Co-Founder of the Estrangement Project, and mother of 4. For 10 years, Abbey has provided direct clinical services as well as writes and speaks about various parenting and mental health topics. 

Abbey focuses on helping moms health from  motherhood identity issues, burnout, estrangement, and breaking generational trauma. She is committed to supporting, empowering, and connecting with all parents in all seasons of parenthood by providing accessible information on her podcast, You, The Mother Podcast, social media platforms (@youthemother), coaching, support groups, and webinars for people  all over the world. 

She has been featured by PopSugar, Parents, SheKnows, and Romper and was named a top 50 parenting podcast by Podcast Magazine in 2022.

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Dr. Morgan Cutlip

Dr. Morgan  is a mother of two kids, Effie and Roy, and knows what it feels like to lose yourself in the burnout, overwhelming responsibilities, and identity shift of motherhood. She is committed to helping moms navigate motherhood better. 

Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide learn how to form and maintain healthy relationships. Dr. Morgan is has a gift for translating psychological theory and research into practical, accessible, and actionable advice, which she shares with her clients, social media followers (@drmorgancutlip) and through her courses, on the Love Thinks Podcast, and her blog as co-founder of My Love Thinks. 

Dr. Morgan has been a featured relationship expert with Teen Vogue, The New York Times, Women’s Health Magazine, MOPS International, Loveology, and Flo, the #1 app in health and fitness.

She the author of  Love Your Kids Without Losing Yourself and  available for pre-order NOW.

Dr. Morgan Cutlip

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