BONUS: 7 Conversations to a Better Sex Life E-Guide (audio & digital format)





Feel awkward talking about sex? Or don’t know where to start? This guide walks you through 7 of the most critical conversations to have about sex with your partner. You don’t want to miss this one. P.S. It also is recorded in audio so that you can print it out and read it or just pop those ear buds in and have a listen.

What do other’s have to say about this guide?

“Hi Dr. Morgan, I felt compelled to write you after doing your 7 Conversations about sex with my husband…I can’t believe after being together for more than 15 years we had never had those conversations, but we hadn’t! It was so easy to have the scripted cues and know what we needed to talk about. More than just good sex (which could have been enough), I really felt a lot closer to him, and even more comfortable continuing to have those kinds of conversations. So thank you, from a VERY happy couple!”

“Can I say that I didn’t even know I had mental load around sex? So at first, when my husband and I did 7 conversations about sex, I actually just felt so relieved knowing that these conversations were happening. It cleared the space that had been taking up those nights when I knew we were going to have sex, but we were going to keep NOT talking about what actually worked best for us. It was a huge mental load just to wonder “is this even what he likes?!?!” Or “does he know what I even like!?” We loved the guide, the questions were so helpful (and totally got us laughing in the best way possible), so thank you!”