releasing resentment

ditch the irritation, feel connected, and finally see the good in your partner again

When you're stuck in resentment it's hard to see the good in your partner. The smallest things pull you back into anger, frustration, and irritability.

Your relationship doesn't need to feel this way.

You know that you love your partner but you just can't seem to get over the hurt. It replays in your mind over and over.

You want to move on, but whenever certain things happen, you're just so reminded of the ways that they let you down.

You struggle to let resentment go because you made so many concessions in order for your partner to finally meet your needs, yet they still didn't. You feel like you're putting in more than they are and it's painful.

Your relationship regularly feels tense, you're not even sure how to break out of this cycle of misunderstanding and disconnection.

Your relationship deserves to be free from resentment.

Because you can't feel close to your partner when you're still angry with them.

And your relationship won't find safe and secure connection until you're free from this resentment.

In this workshop you will...

John Van Epp and Morgan Cutlip

Imagine how your life and relationships would be different if...

You woke up each day feeling deeply loved by your partner

You felt confident that your partner wouldn't bring things up from the past

You felt hopeful that your relationship could feel alive and full of love again

You weren't regularly feeling hurt, disappointed, discouraged or in conflict with your partner

are you ready for all this?

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Release Resentment

A workshop to help you ditch the irritation, feel connected, and finally see the good in your partner again

bonus workbook included

"Dr. Morgan has helped me work on things in affordable ways because going to a therapist has been out of the picture for us right now. Her content and resources are invaluable. They make me feel seen, give me an entirely new perspective on my relationship and are filled with actionable tips and advice."

- Anne K.

"Dr. Morgan always gives me a framework and words to the feelings I experience and offers me so much clarity with the way she explains things. Her approach and resources are beyond helpful."

- Julie B.