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The Love Thinks Membership takes the guesswork out of your relationships. We know how life has a way of pulling your relationship apart, new challenges turn up, and new stressors arise. Join and get expert advice from trusted experts you know and like. We're here when you need us.


All of our courses are based on the findings of decades of research. Additionally, our courses have been researched (not by us:) and have been shown to be effective in helping people feel confident and equipped to build healthy relationships.

Practical Tools

Our courses offer straightforward, practical tools and are all based around the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM) an innovative tool that will apply to every relationship in your life. The RAM is easy to remember and apply. After all, what you can remember you can actually use!

User Approved

Our courses have been taught to over a million users world-wide in live settings. They have been used by all branches of the military, coalitions, non-profits, and by individuals. We have collected thousands of surveys on the massive impact our courses had on the lives of our users.

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Hey, we’re Dr. John Van Epp + Dr. Morgan Cutlip. We’re a father-daughter team, from two generations, offering different perspectives but sharing one mission which is to help you feel empowered to fall in love and stay in love without the drama.

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