Why having a good heart may lead to heartbreak


A good heart can lead to heartbreak?! I know that sounds like a bit of a bummer. But if you really think about it, I bet you know someone who is “suuuuuuch a great person” but always gets their heart broken. Unfortunately, good-hearted people are some of the most at risk of becoming involved with an unhealthy partner. Sooo why?!

why having a good heart may lead to heartbreak

  1. They project their goodness onto others. Good-hearted people sometimes make the mistake of thinking, “I would never do that or think that…so why would you?”  But when you project your goodness onto another, you are at risk of overlooking some glaring warning signs that this person has issues. You don’t have to become a cynic; but believing that others share your same heart and outlook can be dangerous and ultimately lead to repeated heartbreak.
  2. They give too many second chances.  Good-hearted people tend to forgive too quickly, too often. They accept too much and give second, third, forth (you get the idea) chances. This means that good-hearted people can easily end up staying in unhealthy relationships way too long.

So much of the time we are told that we must get healthy first if we want to have a healthy relationship. Although this is true, an important thing to remember is that too much of a good thing (like good-heartedness) can sometimes be bad. And the sad reality is that healthy people can become unhealthy after staying too long in a relationship with someone who has serious issues. So if you feel like you have your act together, but seem to always find yourself heartbroken, take a moment to think through the points above…see any patterns? It may be time to see others for who they really are.



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