Hey, there! Would your life be easier if you had practical strategies for dealing with the defensiveness that continually shows up in your relationship?...If so, you've come to the right place.

Done with Defensiveness

an audio course that offers a straightforward system to communicate with less conflict and more connection

This is for you if...

• You feel constantly misunderstood, it's like your partner takes what you say as an attack

• You're exhausted from walking on eggshells in your relationship, trying to avoid your partner's defensive reactions

• You have anxiety about brining things up and have started to just stuff your own needs

• You self-censor constantly but still they get defensive

• You're losing trust in your partner, they don't feel safe to talk to

• You feel undervalued and unimportant to your partner, you work so hard to communicate clearly and they still turn it back on you

• You feel like none of your issues ever really get resolved

• You recognize your own defensiveness, and want to make a change

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Does this sound familiar...

You’ve been sitting on something you want to bring up to your partner for a while.

You’ve finally mustered up the courage (and the energy, phew!) to approach them.

Truthfully, you’ve been wanting to bring it up for a LONG time, it’s just that you haven’t felt like rocking the boat. Choose your battles and all that stuff.

You decided on your words carefully, and you thought you approached them at the right time. You’ve considered all the potential obstacles and then BAM! You’re hit with defensiveness, and the conversation gets derailed.

Something so simple suddenly became a major argument and your original request never gets addressed.

Now you’re just spending the rest of the conversation trying to get out of the argument or reassure your partner that you weren’t personally attacking them.

You leave the conversation feeling defeated, and way less likely to bring anything up in the future. It’s exhausting.

No one teaches you how to navigate these frustrating interactions with your partner.

But it’s no secret that your relationship would be radically different if you felt safe to approach your partner.

If you knew that when you made a request for a change or asked them to meet a need that you’d be met with openness and a willingness to really hear your heart.

Open communication is one of the most important ways to build safety, security, and feelings of love and connection in your relationship.

But the thing is...

If you don't learn how to work through these conversational roadblocks, that leaves you...

- stuck in a relationship where you're guaranteed to get less than you need

- resentful toward your partner, creating tension and a bad attitude toward them that becomes hard to snap out of

- feeling unsafe and disconnected, which likely impacts your intimacy

- facing two terrible options: leaving your relationship or existing in one that leaves you unhappy and feeling unimportant

But I want you to know, it doesn't have to be this way.

I was once here too, which is why I created

Done with Defensiveness

I found myself in early marriage wondering why every little deal seemed to turn into a major argument. 

I knew I was married to a great guy but every time I brought something up it was as if he heard criticism or that I was saying he was falling short. 

I knew I needed to develop a plan because I couldn’t exist in a relationship where it wasn’t safe to express my needs. 

I’m happy to say defensiveness almost never rears it’s head in our marriage anymore. And I’m excited to share my strategy with you. 

Because you deserve to be heard in your relationship!

Imagine how it would feel...

To know you have a receptive partner who cares to hear your needs

To feel safe and connected after a difficult conversation instead of defeated and hopeless

To know your partner is investing in hearing you, not just defending their stance

To go into a conversation with your partner knowing you had a plan in case defensiveness showed up


Are you ready to finally be done with defensiveness?

Say hello to Done with Defensiveness

an audio course that offers a straightforward system to communicate with less conflict and more connection​