7 Days to Dating Differently Challenge


So maybe you’ve had a string of relationships that just aren’t working out or maybe you’ve only been in a couple of long-term relationships that ultimately don’t go anywhere and just leave you with years of time invested with nothing (or not too much) to show for it. Either way you would definitely benefit from taking stock of your past relationships and committing to the 7 days to dating differently challenge!

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Ok so let’s get on with it—the 7 Days to Dating Differently Challenge

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DAY 1: Dig Into Your Past

Take 30 minutes + think about your past relationships. Write down three words that characterize your relationships, both positive + negative. Then think about this question, if you wrote a book about your past relationships, what would the title be? Write it down.

DAY 2: Get a Little Help From Your Friends

Sometimes our friends + family can see things we cannot. Reach out to one trusted friend or family member (more if you’d like) and get their input on your relationship patterns. Ask them, “what’s one thing you think I do well in relationships + one thing I could do differently?”. Compare their feedback to your own observations about your relationships.

DAY 3: state Your Intentions

It’s go time. Based on your reflection + insights as well as the feedback you received from your trusted friend or family remember, state your dating goal. What do you want to do differently? It may look something like this, “this year I will be intentional about setting higher standards in my relationships + not rationalizing red flags.”

DAY 4: Share your Intentions

So having a secret goal is good but having a public one is better. Sharing your dating goal with your trusted family member or friend will help to provide you with a source of accountability. Make sure this is someone that will not be afraid to “call you out” if you make a misstep.

DAY 5: Get your head in the game

Now is the time to learn something new, to fill your head with knowledge that will empower you to fulfill your goal. So watch a video, read a book, read a helpful blog (wink wink), or do whatever suits your learning style. But the thing is you need new info to make a lasting change.

DAY 6: Make Your Plan

You’ve got the insight, the goal, accountability and new info…now you need to make your plan. Understandably, it is easy + human to fall back into old patterns, so you will increase your chances of success if you create a plan + write it down. For example, if you start to notice that you are falling into an old habit, what will you do to correct it? What boundaries do you need to set? And so on.

DAY 7: Create Your Mantra

So a plan is great and necessary, but in the moment, sometimes we just need a quick saying to encourage us + set us back on the right path. So take 30 minutes or less and write down one sentence that captures your plan. For example, “Setting standards high will attract the right guy.” Or “Clear eyes will protect my heart.” Or whatever speaks to you. When you’ve composed your mantra, write it down + hang it in plain view so that you can be reminded of it regularly.

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