365 Conversation Starters

because "how's your day?" is getting pretty old

We've all been here. You both finally come together at the end of a long day, and you realize you don't even know what to talk about anymore. So, you don't say much. You just go about the normal routine, get in bed, and do it all over again the next day.

You feel disconnected, lonely, and like you're growing more and more out of touch each and every day.

You want to experience that feeling of getting to know each other all over again. When your relationship was fun and exciting.

The good news is ...

there's still plenty to know about each other. You just need a little help knowing how to keep the conversation going.

Say hello to

365 Conversation Starters

A guide you can return to every single day to grab a quick question to keep your relationship alive and connected.

"Dr. Morgan has helped me work on things in affordable ways because going to a therapist has been out of the picture for us right now. Her content and resources are invaluable. They make me feel seen, give me an entirely new perspective on my relationship and are filled with actionable tips and advice."

- Anne K.

"Dr. Morgan always gives me a framework and words to the feelings I experience and offers me so much clarity with the way she explains things. Her approach and resources are beyond helpful."

- Julie B.