How to Have a Thriving Marriage After Kids

Because your relationship doesn't end just because parenthood began.

Are you sick of feeling like your partner is nothing more than your roommate?

Everyone tells you that having kids makes your relationship so hard or worse ruins it all together.

But having kids doesn't need to be the end of the fun and loving era of your relationship.

You don't have to settle for a marriage that is passionateness and disconnected.

-Maybe you feel like you're roommates, coming together to just talk about logistics, but not really feeling intimate in meaningful ways -Or maybe you're new to parenthood and really want to make sure your relationship is baby proof but...

The good news is ...

You just need the targeted know-how and practical tools to care for your marriage as a busy parent.​​​

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How to Have a Thriving Marriage After Kids

A workshop that equips you with a plan for keeping your relationship strong when life is pulling it apart.

This workshop will help any parent to...

Imagine how your life and relationship would be different if...

You and your partner did more than just watch tv and scroll on your phones at bedtime

You existed in your relationship without the heaviness of resentment weighing you down

Understood how to really get in touch with hidden expectations that were leading to way too much disappointment

are you ready for all this plus...

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get 2 guides to help deepen your connection

"Dr. Morgan has helped me work on things in affordable ways because going to a therapist has been out of the picture for us right now. Her content and resources are invaluable. They make me feel seen, give me an entirely new perspective on my relationship and are filled with actionable tips and advice."

- Anne K.

"Dr. Morgan always gives me a framework and words to the feelings I experience and offers me so much clarity with the way she explains things. Her approach and resources are beyond helpful."

- Julie B.